Minggu, 15 Juni 2014

What will you do in your life?

Future always scares me. Well I just graduated from uni last November, and still sometimes I fell scared about what I am gonna do with my life

I want to be a freakin great photographer, but everytime I look at another photographer work I always think can I b like them. I envy them, feel jealous, mad at my self, then I feel sad. Can I be really a great photographer

I have a busineess since I'm in university, eventho it moves slowly but still the business still on the right track. Then suddenly I feel like, am I capable to make it bigger and better? Can I live with this business? Those question always come to my mind. I am such a negative person right

My parent force me to continues their business, I am really confusing with this, not like I dont like it or something, the business is really different, the market is different from the business I have. It confuses me like a lot.

What will you do in my life?

Even tho I am going to be 23 this year, I cant answer it right now

but I will work hard this year, I will take a lot of good pictures this year so next year, when you ask What will you do in your life?

I can answer it, loudly

PS : sorry for my rant but hey if you have any question about photography such as what camera or lenses do I use or what apps I use for editing, or good spot in Bali, feel free to write it down at comment section, I will try to answer it in the next post


Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

hey ya guys, so I've made new account on tumblr for my works mainly for fashion

so basically all my fashion works will be uploaded on my tumblr site not in this blog anymore

so if you guys have a tumblr please do follow me and share or critsize my fasshion works since I'm kindda new in that field

see ya there


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