Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Hi Everyone

Just got back from my holiday in Malaysia, well kinddda long holiday cause I spend 1 week in there with my brother and parents

Malaysian is best to known as an evil neighborhood of Indonesia (accroding to Indonesian), and if you say that you want to go to Malaysia, Indonesian tend to say "There's nothing there, everything is the same except Indonesia is better)

well, but some Indonesia ( rich one who live in Jakarta) are tend to go to Kuala Lumpur to shopping because the price for some well-known brands are cheaper (well I bought H&M hat for 120k IDR but in Indonesia wouldbe 200kish IDR and sweat shirt and pants for only 320k IDR, WHOAAAAA)

I will say Kuala Lumpur is Shopping Paradise ( even my Brand Manikan are available in Mall in Bukit bintang) but there's hidden culture behind it. Malaysia population are consist with 3 main race, Chinnese, India, and Melayu. The mix of 3 culture is unique but I dont know I dont really like it. it's like seeing mini India, mini china and Mini Indonesia all accross Malaysia, so I cant see Malaysia as "truly Asia" (their tag line)

In other hand Malaka or Melaka is an beautiful old town which influenced by chinnesse and dutch architecture. I really love it here, there's a ton of colorful building and cute cafe, and also their Durian Cendl is da best.

Pulau Penang is famous for their cheap food and old town in George Town, I do really enjoy my stay here even I like Malaka better.

The most thing that I like about George Town is they let street art painter painted random wall on random gang and made it as tourist attraction. There's a lot of tourist going to unknown gang just to search the art paint. I love it

I do enjoy my stay in Malaysia, they got nice old town and also easy transportation compared with Indonesia, and I really hope you enjoy the picture, thanks for coming to my blog btw

See ya


Iena Absharina mengatakan...

feels like they call me to go there one day! i really enjoy your pictures, so refreshing! :)

nice to know you anyway,

Putri Valentina mengatakan...

beautiful picture!
it look so vintage :D


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