Minggu, 27 Oktober 2013

Happy National Blogger Day
Even with a lot of social media these day, still cant believe I'm still blogging

5 or 6 years ago when I start blogging, the thing that I wanted was I want to show to the world my point of view. I wanted to share my day story, my thoughts poems, song I listen and love, and surely my photoworks.

But these day mainly I only post my photo works, LOL.

When I read my older post, I feel funny, my poems was terrible, and that short story I made when I was in Highschool also very bad ( Prince in Future, and the girl was Lily Allen, LOL)
When I look my older photoworks I kindda ashamed, I mean it's bad (but not really bad) and I feel happy tho to know after all this year I keep improving my photo works.

I still remember when I was in Highschool I really wanted to be a kinder garden teacher, or something related to kids and education, that's why I'm majoring in Psychology. But now, I've graduated from college (my graduation ceremony start on 9th November) and I become photographer and entrepreneur (still learning tho) .

The point is after all these years, we, human, change from time to time. Your biggest goal change, you maybe lose some friends but maybe you gain some new friend. You become adult and suddenly you feel tired for hanging out with friend. It's really funny.

I know this blog are not going to be everlasting, someday I will feel tired to write or post somethng, and maybe there's some cool site to post your thought in the future. But whatever going to happen, this blog will be a reminder about how I live my life circa 2007 - till last

enough with the sentimental thingy here my works last week for my brand Manikan, think I am going to post it next week


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