Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

From the last post I said that I will post something from photoshoot last week, so here it is

Last week I did photoshoot for my brand "Manikan" (check its Instagram on @wearemanikan), and the theme is urban.is.me so I try to created something edgy and something fun. It's really frustating to get the right place for this shoot, originally we will do studio shoot and then put some cool artwork on the background, but this plan scrapped on the last minute due some incident (DONT WANT TO REMEMBER IT)

Thanks to my friend Anjar Tanjung and his girlfriend Gek Da ( You should see his works, he's amazing photographer) I got a great place to do photo shoot. See the results below :

Talent : Maria, Eliz and Aditya
Make Up : Salon around Robbinson (forget the name but she did great job)
Stylist : Yonas Indrajaya and Collin Paris
Wardrobe : UB Vintage, Nassgorju, Cocra Paris
Bag : Manikan
Honorary Mentions : agus Mochi ( LOL cant make it without your car)

Btw all these post are unofficial one, check the official one on Manikan Instagram (@wearemanikan)

uh actually there're some pictures that I really wanted to show you, because it's really different from something that I've done. Well due to some policies I cant release it yet, but stay tune on my blog


Anonim mengatakan...

Photos are awesomee kak!
btw, aku follow blognya kakak ya, hehe. Follow back ya kakak ;)

sweet and sugars,

Heena Shah-Dhedhi mengatakan...

What a lovely post. simply awesome. love the pictures...
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