Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

It's a late post btw. Shoot that photo back in January for my new Fashion Line that foucus on bag called "Manikan"
( I've tell you previously on my blog, just scroll down you faka)

Talk about the line, the bussiness is new and right now not run smoothly due some bussiness ( college, Fuck yea) and internal problem ( fuck you tailor), but I still have a big hope for this line. Not because I need the money , but it will open people eyes about traditional fabric!

See ya another post


Senin, 19 Maret 2012

How I could stay calm if the strom still out there ( yes, there is a big BAD strom here in Bali) and also midterm test going to start next week, PAM PARA PAM PAM, I'm a dead meat.

and talk about dead meat, yesterday, I was murdered mentally by some unknown photographer who always blame everything to me. DANG. I will show U that I will more professional photographer than you!!! (FIRE FIRE FIRE)

Better be calm and patient also to fight againts next week


Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

due to some problems , which gonna be so long if I teel you right now, finally I can share these photos with you guys. These pictures was taken back in last December at Hotel Nikko Bali which is a very very good place, and it's my first time to use canon 1d ( it's my boss's anyway)

Unfortunately , I forgot the name of the models, she' s so pretty yet cute at the same time, and the male model hmm not really handsome but has a charm and could make a lot funny facial expression.

I hope you enjoy these photos because it's my first time to shoot a photos like this. See ya

Client : Hotel Nikko Bali
Taken by Dewandra Djelantik Photography Team


Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

uh uh lately I just have a little obsession with these idol / girl group from Japan called Akb48. Well well well, maybe I'm kindda late but their song is as catchy as fuck,LOL.

Akb48 not consist of 48 members but 60 members ( HELL YEAH ). But how do they sing, how do the dance? Well just check wikipedia beacause I'm as lazy as sloth to tell you. So let's move on to their music.

Their music is typical Japanesse Pop Music, high pitched girl's voice, with Japannese guitar riff style, and I LOVE IT, haha, so these are my favorite song form them

Heavy Rotation, well you better above 18 to watch the video. Apart from their ecchi video, the music was catchy , and super kawaaii, and also the guitar riff make you wanna jump over and dance.

Baby!Baby!Baby! has ecchi video as well but the music is diffrent for Heavy Rotation, it's more like 90s Bubblegum Pop which is always be my guilty pleasure

Kimi no Koto Ga Suki Dakara, another upbeat song from them with full spirit guitar riff makes me want to ride my bike with this song, haha, but this is really burn my spirit , so GOOD

well I still looking for their song, and I think they have tons of music and PV, but I think 3 of song that I post are my favorite. I better get myself to Japan and see their concert like NOW!


so I told ya in the last post that I will post about the food pictures so this is it :

Aahhh it's been so long that I dont make a collage like this and I like it. It's kindda reminds me of a recipe book cover, LOL, but I like it.Btw, it's only few from the picture that I took at the event, so maybe I will update for some more. So be ready for the update!

Photo : Dewandra Djelantik Photography Team

ps : if you're wondering, what the hell is Dewandra Djelantik Photography , it is the place where I go for internship and sharpen my photography skill, so if any post with Dewandra Djelantik Photography Team tag on it. It's mean I went photoshoot with my boss.

See ya Fakers at next post!!!!! Hope it's not about food again, hahaha, better do something different!


Minggu, 04 Maret 2012

So I was being photographer for Bali Salon Culinaire 2012 , and yeah it's pretty much fun, so many cute food and look delicious as well. I took many photos from there ( obviously ) but right now I'd like to share you the pictures of the chef working. so here it is !!

It's pretty hard to get the good results for this photo because the chef was working so fast so I cant compete with their fastness and also it's kindda hard for me to do an indoor shoot, but I hope you like it Guys!

ps :
location :Bali Salon Culinaire 2012
by : Dewandra Djelantik Team ( it's including me btw)

and I will post the food photos later, so prepares Y'all


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