Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Q: Tell me about your photography life

hmmm I think the first time I use camera is when I was 10 years old. It was a big family holiday in Lombok so when my family decided to make big family photo I volunteer to shoot because I was curius about how camera work. My mother finally let me use it for a while even my bad relationship with electronic device ( I have a big score for losing , breaking electronic stuff)

But that's not the time I was interested in photography . When I was in Highschool, my friend Samantha , introduced me to photography life. So I begged my mommy to buy me a pocket camera which is pretty expensive in 2008.

that's my picture with my pocket camera. hahah pretty bad , duh.

But I broke it 6 month later , LOL. and in that time I use my friend's camera to practice photography

That wasn't so bad btw, LOL


Right now I am working as part time freelance photography at Dewandara Djelantik Photography, a well known photographer in Bali. I am so glad that I can join the team and my boss said that he likes my photoworks ( My photowork still bad tho)

My dream is someday I want to has my own photography show in a nice museum or theater or hotel, and shoot an artsy photo, an iconic one. Yay but still long way to go. GANBATTE!!


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