This is not conspiracy, This is my FUCKING LIFE

Jumat, 24 September 2010

Well first of all I like to say that I'm not the part of any Illuminati group or any other cult, and if you still think that I'm part of it I think that you're delusional and should go to the nearest psychologist. ( well totally the pose was for fun, and I still believe in my GOD )
But I think my day will be over soon before Illuminati start invasion, so this is it, middle test will come in a month and I still dont have any spirit to study, well FML
then without thinking thoroughly I just joined national debate competition in Surabaya in another 2 months, Fuck THAT
In theory I should study twice hard as usual, but in reality I study nothing, so I'm a dead meat
no new photos will be post in several days ahead, I think I still try to calm my self, and cook my self before I ended up as DEAD RAW MEAR


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