Happy Helloboringween Day

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

What a miserable title that i make , huh? Yay, but happy halloween day guys, know you're having party out there , having so much fun but i'm here typing like a dead meat and dancing to the song that I play on itunes like Joe Fag Jonas dancing single ladies on youtube. I mean BAH, I'm freakin BORED GUYS.
So in Indonesia Halloween is such an ordinary day, not important at all , so there's no trick or treat , NO CANDY , which is NOT FUN AT ALL. Bah. I'm such in random day today , so forgive me with all the fuck up that I write.
I just dont know what to do with myself, Facebook is no fun at all, so many motherfucker at all, deviantart too even I adore many photograpers from there. And how about Twitter ? Well , first thing I want to ask is WHERE THE PEOPLE, BITCH ? I mean where' my friend? BAH, Uncool.
And I'm too lazy to do a thing , I mean I plan to do a thing with my short story but no ide at all and NO MOOD. Bah, like all i want to do is do threesome like britney song 1 2 3 not only you and me, hah, just kidding.
And if you ask me , Am I still virgin? YES. I dont have Fucking Girlfriend for 18 years of my life. Tragedic, right. But fuck off I still dont want to have a date nowadays , cause i think it's too corny and eew. And if you think I'm a fag like Adam labert new cover Album, YOU BETTER GO SUCK A DICK OR LICK A SHIT ,DOUCHEBAG. I'm just think that I'm not ready yet for something called L.O.V.E , well maybe that so lame , but I think I more prefer to have some fun with my friend than have a girlfriend.
And btw if you ask me , why I use so much Rude word, I dont know, I just feel great when I use that, what fucking retarded I am, but yeah it's funny at all to put all fuck word to every letter. Blah not funny at all.

Okay that's all from me , hope you enjoy to read it ( even I know you will think like WHAT THE FUCK THIS DOUCHEBAG WRITE? ) ha good bye. Happy Halloboringween.


Hello To Nature

Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009


I hope I'm not disaapointing you guys with this pic,
hope you love it



Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

I just finished my Middle Test. No Liar, I still have a test, It's english so I can take a rest for a while cause I'm kindda proud with my English (Bah). so I shoot dyat, dtang, and myra. Tell me what you think.


Your wait is over, Melbourne

Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009

What do you think

ps : im not edit the color of every pics


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