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Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Hello Reader,
I am writing this post at my brther house in Melbourne and it's kindda fun here, more fun than the last time I went to Taiwan (eeew). And I just took so many good and beautiful pics here, and I just cant wait to share it with you guys.
But I have my test on Monday and I still not prepare it well, DUH, so many to learn , so maybe you should wait for like 2 weeks to see all my pics here in Melbourne, DUH. Kindda long right, but i hope you still patient to wait the other post, and I dare to guarantee that the pics are beautifull as well ( even I'm not realy great at shoot landscape)
And I recently think abou to make my second photography book, yes I think it could be about beach, beach , and beach, so what do you think, Comment if you agree or disagree with my plan. That's all I want to say to you, keep in touch baby.

ps : i really need a ton of luck for my TEST. BITCH


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