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Rabu, 11 November 2009

So My lecturer were being nice to all to not lecture us with boring slide and etc , but she gave us good movie which is related to the subject. And fortunately it's not another boring documentary about mental illnes. So the film was AS GOOD AS IT GETS.
May some of you have watched it or maybe not. If you were curious you can buy the DVD or just search the story on Wikipedia.
So the main storry is about a hag named Melvin, he was a racist , homophobic, and have obssesive compulse disorder ( i still dont know much about this mental illness but the point is people get addicted with clean , example after you use soap you throw it away and change with the new one )Then he falled in love to Carol and then he try to be a nice person with help his fag neigbhor and try to over hismental illness.
From this movie we ( me and my friends ) have a lesson, that people with mental illness can be healed and we should do them with respect. and L.O.V.E is always be important thing to help them.
Oh yeah the song below is the soundtrack of the movie, it's nice on composition and has a deep lyric to cheer up your day.

Eric Idle - Always Look On Bright Side Of Life

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