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Senin, 09 November 2009

So I'm freaking bored, I'm so lazy even to read any novel, and my mind so random. So I edit such an old pics and make a collase with them, well I know it's not really nice , cause I cant make a good collase but I try to give a shot.

So the main idea is grass, or play with grass, so comment to let me know

okay I sedom to watch tv cause it sucks and bore me to death but I watch a good thing on youtube. YES, SHANE DAWSON. He's so freakin Fucking Funny and his alter ghetto ego, SHANAYNAY, SO FUNNY

And I read manga on onemanga.com and I love to read Fairy tail and Yakitate Japan. Check them out.

That's all my random things, and sorry for my languange.
bye, see ya to the next post


LipKisser mengatakan...

i think you did great. all the photos are good and they match, except maybe CG's, Koconk taking me and astrid's pict, and cintya's. that's all.

LipKisser mengatakan...

oh, but you can't really tell if you don't zoom the pict. isaid that coz i did./

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