Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Currently I'm in the middle of unbalance state of mind (galau) for my career path in photography. Do I really have chance in that? Am I having much talent to be a good photographer?

well so I look up to my hideous portofolio and find these fashion (not really fashion) shoot that I shoot 4 years ago  for my friend's brand Litter Bin (who the hell name his fashion brand Litter Bin)

and look up fashion photography that I took last year for my brand Manikan

can you see any improvement? well just tell me in comment section

PS : and yees I am going to do my thesis defense at the end of month, so wish me luck guys


Anggi Lupitasari mengatakan...

you're the man behind Manikan? You are doing such a great job! Keep on going.

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