Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

After attended Lomography Bali first Exhibition , I have an urge to use my Fujica M1 that I have been left for year. So here are the results

Well I always adore the result from Fujica M1, it's cheap camera if you compare it to Diana F+ but the result I think there's no difference. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

think I broke my promise to not post anything in 2 weeks


Who cares?!

Btw , I just helped my firend, Samantha, to finish her recent college project about Verbal Bullying, which is kindda irony because I was ( hmm I think still now ) a subject of Verbal Bullying.

Nah, the concept of the photo itself is like the bunch of highschooler, having some fun youth day, show of their happy emotion and give some information to people that love to bully that having a nice laugh day is very good.

The photos maybe kindda messy, with so many hair covering the face, many cutted face, but I like it because I think it show the rawness of the photos, show the real emotion, Happy emotion.

uuhh I still got an assigment to finish today, FML
Until the day I finihsh my assigment and finals, let Acchan form Perfume dance for you


Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

Just a reminder I will not post anything like in two weeks due to final test . And I have a big news to share with you guys but I think I will wait until the right time!!

I think 2012 wil be the most productive year in my life, like I have test which come up in 2 days, got so many assigments, jobs form photography and I join some competition. Just wush me luck that my grade is not falling down like London Bridge!

Thanks for visiting, and if you new in this blog, enjoy my past photoworks, hope you like it !!


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