Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Just got back from my little holiday. Why I called it little? Cause I just went to hotel in Nusa Dua ( it's only 1 hour from my home), it's all because my mom got a free ticket to spend 4 days 3 night. YAY.

So what did i do on there?

I had great time swimming with my friend in beach and swimming pool, the water are so fresh, while the weather are very good nowadays. Also I read a book at the beach and ate coconut gelato. IT"S DAMN GOOD

At night we just went walk at nearest mall, I like the architecture and the concept at Bali Collection Mall, but the price are so expensive, so we ended up eating at 'warung' ( small stall) that sell grilled fish. The dish were goodd, and the price are cheap ( only 24 K for fish and grilled clam, YAY)

so that's my little holiday, cant wait till next holiday


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