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I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview my favorite photographer Annete Pehrsson. First I saw her work at deviantart I just like wow. Her photo was really wonderful. Look at her works below:

Maybe you’re wandering , how she can produce a great and beautiful picture like that, or how she can loves photography world, well see the interview below.

Q: How do you describe your photo works?

A: Personal moments from life around me.

Q: How did you first become interested in photography?

A: It all started when I got my very first camera as a seven-year-old, and I have been passionated about it ever since then.

Q: What do you love most from photography?

A: Everything! If I were to mention more something specific I would have to say that I really love just capturing what happens around me through the view of a camera, I love the creative process and I love seeing the results (especially when it comes to looking through a developed roll of film on which there’s a few frames that I feel really satisfied with).

Q: Any tips and trick to get a beautiful picture

A: One of the most crucial and important things in achieving good results is to really know how to handle the equipment you are using. Getting to know the camera, all its function and how it works in different situations – this way you will have no problems with creating beautiful photographs. Another thing that I think is really important is the light. I prefer using natural light since I think it is much more beautiful than artificial lighting, so I guess my advice would be to really take advantage of the light that comes through your window.

Q: Why did you decide to publish a blog and closed your Deviantart page?

A: A blog is more personal, and that was just what I wanted – something I could be in complete control over, basically. However, I didn’t leave deviantArt just because I started the blog, I left because I felt that it wasn’t a good community, at least not for photographers. When I was active my photographs were constantly stolen by other people on deviantArt or used in other ways which I didn’t approve of, and if I can be completely honest, there were so many rude people there. I couldn’t stand it. I do not regret leaving deviantArt at all. I think is a much better platform for photographers.

Q: From camera that you have, what is you’re the most favorite? And is there any camera that you wish to buy?

A: My Zenit-B is my absolute favourite, I love shooting 35mm film and for some reason I sort of see things differently through this camera. When I can afford it I want to buy a Hasselblad. That would be the ultimate camera.

Q: I heard that you’re studying psychology, Me too, haha why do you choose psychology over photography or cinematography?

A: I have always been interested in psychology, and I chose it because I wanted something different to do. It was just a six month-course (it ended in January this year), so I am not studying anymore. During secondary school (2004-2007) I studied photography, and I don’t think I’m quite ready yet for studying on a higher level. I am actually not sure if I want to in the future, either.

Q: Beside photography , what else do you like?

A: Painting, though I am not very good at it and I haven’t done it for quite some time now. Some time last year I painted a girl with a bird on her shoulder, but I am too scared to show it to anyone. Otherwise I like cooking and watching movies.

Q: here in Indonesia, the teenagers are crazy over Lomo and sometimes analogue camera, is there happen in Sweden too, and what’s your opinion about that?

A: It feels like lomography is a phenomenon that is very popular basically everywhere around the world, and I have been there as well. I used to shoot a lot with Holgas (both medium format and 35mm), but after a while I started feeling bored and moved on to regular film cameras. I can understand why lomo cameras are as popular as they are – they are very fun and easy to use and give charming results, but I do prefer using other cameras where you have more control over the frames.

Q:Last Question, what do you think about

A: I think it is a very nice blog with a good mixture of things! If I were to give some critique I would say that the design might be a little messy, but it might be the size of post title font, if you know what I mean, that makes it look that way – if it were a little smaller I think it would look better

Ahhh I’m so honored to interviewed her, and I wish my works as beautiful as her. Well hope you be inspired and start to make your own beautiful photos

Ps : check her another work at

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