Social Networks, Help or Kill Your Social Life

Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

This is my first time write my opinion, so if there's anything wrong (esp in Grammar) please tell me and forgive me, 'm new on this . Tee-Hee

Does social network help us to add new friends in our life, or it just kill the chance to meet somebody new in real life? Well this question quite bother me recently, okay here it’s the reason. I was in let just say restaurant near beach with like 10 of my friends (and please take a note that we are pretty closed friend) , then it’s raining hard , so we got stuck in the restaurant like for 45 mins. I was bored just sit and so I start to make a funny conversation, my friends laughed then they just back again to their Blackberry, read status on twitter or BBM. At the time I was thinking, hello we are here, let’s talk with these people and forget you’re your friends that far away.

What I am trying to say is doesn’t that people nowadays stuck with their social network and seem like don’t care with real life friend, it’s like social network give a cage to our social life. Well that’s an extreme word but let me give you an example : you’re bored at airport waiting for your plane , and you choose to open your blackberry hop to your twitter account or BBM then do the chit chat with your friends. But if there’s no social network you can just simply talk to the person next to you, meet a new friends maybe, and get more experience, but we don’t chose that because we are having too much fun with our social network.Doesn’t that the idea of social network is to add many friends in your life, but when a stranger add your FB, we just like “ Who ‘s that, I don’t know him/her, let just ignore them.” Then how we are getting new friends if we always be like that?

I am not saying the social networks it’s bad, everything have good and bad side. Social network helps me to find my old friend and yeah I find new friends to via Facebook. But the propose I write this that I want like everybody not stuck into their BB, being like an autism , then forget that we have a chance to meet new people in our life. So sometimes don’t look at your social networks when you are in public place , and start communicating with people in real life not network.


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