Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

Mood buster = good friend good talk good food


Left Over

Gambar lama yang belum pernah dipublikasikan, itung- itung belajar ngedit setelah lama ga pernah foto-foto, check the pics below :

Sudut Kota

A Day with Dad



Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

I did many false in growth psychology so it's kinda frustating, AUUUUUUU


My life today it's like

Yes, like this pics, gloomy, blur , noisy, dark, and as ugly as my face

And look I try to eat my slide for tommorow test (eeerr, stupid or hungry)



Efek 3 hari ujian + harus bersih-bersih rumah+masak tiap hari




Quick Update

Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Today is my bloody 19th bday, LOL , and btw it's my first day test too which was hell. GAH I cant believe that General Psychology could be that hard, DAMN Bitch, Shit Shit I cant believe I did many false. But yeah it's still my birthday, so I should cheer, TEE HEE


New Pleasure

Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

Recently I heard many musics ( well one of another way to released my stress for exam ), and btw you can check it to my lastfm page, what music I've heard, but right now I want to promote some musicians that I curently found and surely I like

Shugo Tokumaru - Parachute

This Japanesse musician is AH-MAZING, so many unique sound you can find on his album, btw from all the song that I heard, I like this one best. It's catchy , fun, and just perfect. Well check him on his myspce here. PS : this guy sings in Japanesse but dont bother cause the melody just good.


Oh you maybe have heard about her ( well Paper Planes, remember) but her new song is sick, the beat is crazy and wow wow I cant handle myself. Check her myspace here

M.Ward - Rave On

The him on She and Him surely have a great voice too ( well in she and him all the lights go to Zooey, but who cant blame it ) . In Rave On you can find his unique voice with the reff that definetly stuck in your head. Check his myspace here

Sleigh Bell - Rill Rill

High School drama + Music Teacher as Vocalist = Rill Rill, well this band totally unique, her voice is good , not just good but well I cant say it just check their myspace here


Bowl of Stupid



Hastosa on Last Fm

Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Hiya people , sometimes this blog provide music that I like to hear and I try to share it with you guys , but then it get illegals, so I'm afraid to share it with you.
But But then I make my own lastfm.com pages, so you can check the latest song that I heard. Well my music tastes kindda weird, cause I hear all everything. You can find Miley Cyrus then you can find Feist then You can find Jay-z, yeah so random.
If you had lastfm page too, dont bother to add me on here

See you next post guys



Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Seperti air begitulah hidup kita
Selalu ada riak, baik besar ataupun kecil
Selalu ada pasang ataupun surut
Tapi seharusnya kehidupan kita selalu membawa kesegaran
bagi seluruh kehidupan di dunia

ps : please comment if you like or not the pics, what do you think about the color? Is it vintage enough??


Grebeg Pasar

Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

Grebeg Pasar adalah kegiatan dari Komunitas Peduli Kanker atau yang disebut KOMPAK untuk menyadarkan masyarakat akan pentingnya pendeteksian dini kanker dan pemeriksaan kanker serviks gratis atau yang sering disebut papsmear ( sorry for foreign visitor now i use my mother languange, Bahasa , because it easier for me to explain this activity, but i will tell you the core of this post, it's an activity called Grebeg Pasar , and it's about give education and free papsmear for comuntiy).
Tempat dari pelaksanaan kegiatan ini adalah pasar kreneng dimana mahasiswa dari komunitas ini harus memberikan informasi mengenai kanker ( pada kegiatan ini kanker serviks ) dan mengajak mereka untuk melakukan pemeriksaan gratis. Check the pics below


Little Buddy are getting older NOW

Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

My students on Udayana kindergarden was garduated today. So they performed such s dancing, singing, modeling, etc, and it was cute.


Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010


No Tobacco Street Team

Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

So two days ago, my faculty ( medical faculty and I take psychology major, FYI ) held activity called NTST or No Tobacco street team. Well this is the story

So we went to public places, and we would take around to see if anybody was smoking.
If we saw it then we would talk to them, pursued them to change the smoke into

YES, a cup of tea and mint candies for one smoke

But but but it's hard to pursue people to change their smoke.

as you can see they needed a loooott of dayum time to pursue a person

and even our Malasyian student came to join this acitvity

our poster, Yes How Long You Can Live With Smoke?


Blur and Noise

sometimes it's just cool and sometimes I like it


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