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Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

Recently I heard many musics ( well one of another way to released my stress for exam ), and btw you can check it to my lastfm page, what music I've heard, but right now I want to promote some musicians that I curently found and surely I like

Shugo Tokumaru - Parachute

This Japanesse musician is AH-MAZING, so many unique sound you can find on his album, btw from all the song that I heard, I like this one best. It's catchy , fun, and just perfect. Well check him on his myspce here. PS : this guy sings in Japanesse but dont bother cause the melody just good.


Oh you maybe have heard about her ( well Paper Planes, remember) but her new song is sick, the beat is crazy and wow wow I cant handle myself. Check her myspace here

M.Ward - Rave On

The him on She and Him surely have a great voice too ( well in she and him all the lights go to Zooey, but who cant blame it ) . In Rave On you can find his unique voice with the reff that definetly stuck in your head. Check his myspace here

Sleigh Bell - Rill Rill

High School drama + Music Teacher as Vocalist = Rill Rill, well this band totally unique, her voice is good , not just good but well I cant say it just check their myspace here


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