Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

I miss my high school classmates suddenly
I miss punching Komang , Mega, Andi when they're mocking me
I miss going to Padmasana with Mbok
I miss peeping Sara's diary where he put all his poem for his gf
I miss dirt talking with Amandari
I miss telling ghost story in Ridwans
I miss raising my hands at Mrs. Suari class
I miss going to Yuda's house to get question for tmw test
I miss cheating at Wisma when get test
I miss making Wisnu, Jodi, Merdhi 's English Essay
I miss making weird word at Mr. Suwana's class
I miss yelling rude word to Wawan
I miss studying with Agus and Tebo in my crib
I miss making a joke about Dewa
I miss talking about food with Mira and Bantet
I miss making presentation for contest with Mance
I miss joking around with Peter, Wungsu
I miss mocking Budhi's body lotion
I miss them ( which I said there's name or not)
I really miss it

And I know I never miss my chemistry teacher


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